robert freeman | about the artist

Watch the video of Robert Freeman talking about his painting, "Talking Drums", which was on exhibit as part of the, "Community of Artists" exhibition at Danforth Art. The "Community of Artists" show ran from June 9 - August 4, 2013.

Watch Robert Freeman speaking about Archiblad Motley's painting, Cocktails, as part of the multi-media African American Artists Tour created by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. You can watch the video of Robert Freeman discussing Color and Composition or download the entire tour from the MFA website.

For additional details please download the, "Robert Freeman Biographical" pdf, which includes information on Robert Freeman's exhibits, works placed in collections and teaching experience.

Watch Robert Freeman describe his creative process in a video from Rochester's WXXI-TV.

You can also watch the TV interview with Robert Freeman that was broadcast on WCSH, Channel 6, Portland, Maine.